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Types of business ownerships

Types Of Business Ownerships

There are many different types of business ownerships and based on your industry and business model the right one for you may not be the right one for everyone else. How do you know which one is the right one? We help you understand in this article. St …

Purchase Order Form

How to Create a Purchase Order Form with Microsoft Word

First, you need to open up your Microsoft Word application and you should automatically see the templates that are available to you. In Windows 10 Microsoft Word you can go to the top center where you’ll see a search bar and type in “Purchase Order” A …

Broker Benefits with Meridian PO Finance

PO & AR Broker Benefits

PO & AR broker benefits are a lot sweeter with Meridian PO Finance. Our brokers get the best of all worlds, continued relationship and revenue with both their customer and Meridian PO. Nationwide funding availability, need a PO loan in Florida, San Die …

What is Factoring to a Small Business

What is Factoring to a Small Business

Factoring to a small business that’s in the position to take this action should always keep an open mind to it. It can increase and free up cash flow for other business operations and even expansion. When applying for alternative financing, the first t …

Financing Your Small Business - Questions Answered

Financing Your Small Business – Questions Answered

Financing your small business might not always be as clear cut as it seems it should be, leaving you to feel overwhelmed with choices or finding difficulty in understanding where to begin. The journey to getting funded for your business begins with res …

AR Factoring & Accounts Receivables Financing

Factoring Accounts Receivables VS PO Financing

Financial growth through alternative business financing for Accounts Receivables. The beauty about factoring accounts receivables VS PO financing is that it allows you to acquire the necessary funding needed to cover necessary operational expenses and …